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When Did I First fall in love with travel?

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As a Brooklyn native, growing up it was common for us to say “ I'm about to take this trek up to the city” ( talking about taking a trip to Manhattan). It was said negatively, because it was a long process to get to the city (ie riding multiple trains and walking long street blocks), but once we got to the city we forgot all about that “trek”. So that was my motivation for creating this travel agency. Yes traveling(the transportation to the airport , time consuming lines at security, lengthy car rides and long flight times) can be draining, but as my client I want to create a smooth trek and great memories at your destination.

My experiences growing up helped prepare me to take treks around the world. Being raised in a“melting pot”, I was always intrigued with other cultures. Every Sunday evening, my mom would take me to JFK roof top airport parking lot to watch the planes land and take off. Then it was my family trips to the south where I learned how to ride tractors, saw live chicken and pigs, heard other accents and introduced to other ways of living. Side note: Those car rides with my dad behind the wheel were not long at all, because you had one chance to stretch your legs, but not to get anything to eat, because the only stopped for gas lol. I encourage my clients to book excursions on their trips to experience the culture. I traveled a lot at a young age, there were church trips and bus trips. My godmother took me on several trips including one of my most memorable stay at the Fontainebleau in Miami.


I began working in the travel industry in 1995 and have been a travel advisor since 2017. I have been organizing group trips since 2006. My passion is to have everyone to see and do NEW things. Even my son, Justin has been traveling since 6 months old. Charles, my husband is my travel partner and let him tell it he never knows where we are headed, because I have so many planned trips. LOL I have traveled to some great spots in Georgia, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Tennessee,Arizona,Massachusetts, Mississippi, Nevada, Delaware, Florida, California, North Carolina, SouthCarolina, Missouri, Puerto Rico and St Thomas. I also visited some places I read about in encyclopedias (showing my age) and never thought I would be able to experience. Those countries I visited have been Mexico, England, Bahamas, St Maarten, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Spain, Italy,France, Costa Rica, Belize, St Lucia and Haiti.And I want to emphasize don't let insecurities and economic status deter you from traveling.I would love to share my experiences with you and assist with planning your next TREKK the Wright way.



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